Where is the airport parking - R Parking?

Aerodeom parking – R Parking is the closest private parking to Nikola Tesla Airport. It is located opposite the cargo entrance, 500 meters from the main terminal.

Is my car safe at all times in the parking lot?

The parking lot is completely covered by video cameras and completely safe. To ensure maximum security, there is a 24/7 security guard at your disposal at all times.

How is parking charged?

Payment for parking at the airport parking lot – R Parking is made in cash, and it is also possible to pay by card. If it is a foreign currency, we will facilitate the change in the fastest way, at the middle exchange rate.

When is parking charged?

The parking fee is charged upon returning from the trip, i.e. only when you pick up your vehicle at the parking lot.

How long does it take to park the car, do all the necessary paperwork and transport it to the airport terminal?

The entire procedure of parking, issuing a vehicle pick-up certificate, as well as transferring to the Nikola Tesla Airport to the terminal takes about 10 minutes, with prior reservation of the parking space itself.


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