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Airport parking – how to choose the best and closest parking?

Aerodrom parking - R Parking

Preparing for any trip is exciting, but getting to the airport and finding airport parking often adds a layer of stress and anxiety.

We always ask a series of questions:

Should I drive my car and where to park at Belgrade Airport?

Ask a friend for a shuttle service to and from the airport or maybe take a taxi anyway?

Where to leave the car while we are on the road?

How to get from the airport parking lot to the terminal?

Long-term parking at the airport parking lot is never a safe option, because you never know if there will be enough space, and the price for several days is really a serious budget item, especially since the price increased at the end of August. The best solution that is convenient and safe is certainly private airport parking that will make your trip easier and more comfortable. In this article, we will explore the benefits of private airport parking, highlighting the additional safety and security measures offered, as well as the convenience of reserving a parking space through the company’s website.

What is private airport parking?

Private airport parking is provided by an independent parking company – R parking, which is located outside the airport terminal. It is an arranged parking space intended exclusively for the purpose of parking. At the R aerdrom parking lot there is also a facility with a security guard and an employee who will receive your vehicle. This option provides additional convenience, ensuring that passengers have easy access to the airport terminal, eliminating the hassle of searching for parking spaces.

The parking space is arranged according to the regulations dictated by the Nkola Tesla airport itself, i.e. the red zone around it. In this regard, the fence around the airport parking lot is up to two meters high, and the power supply and electricity in the parking lot itself is exclusively from solar panels. The surface of the parking lot is 6,000 square meters and it can accommodate 250 cars.

Advantages of private airport parking – R parking

One of the main concerns of travelers when parking their vehicles at airports is the safety of their car while they are away. R parking understands the importance of this item. Private airport parking is equipped with the most modern security measures, and video surveillance is one of the most important. A number of security cameras keep the parking lot under constant surveillance, making it as safe as possible for your vehicle.

In addition to video cameras, Airport Parking – R Parking also has security guards 24/7 who patrol and physically inspect the cars, which additionally confirms that your vehicle is safe and well protected. At any moment, you can request a photo of your vehicle from R parking in real time. The photo will reach you as soon as possible. This is the most common practice, if you have traveled, and in your country and the place where the airport is, there was a storm like a storm, hail or heavy rain. This will further reassure you that your vehicle is still completely safe in the airport parking lot where you left it.

Convenient airport parking reservation through the website

Private airport parking at the Nikola Tesla airport allows for easy booking through the website of the R parking company . This means you can reserve a parking space in advance and save valuable time.

The reservation itself is extremely simple:

  • In the form, you can choose the place you want, which is free and available at that moment. If plans change, you can cancel your reservation at any time.
  • When reserving a place at the R parking lot, you need to fill out a simple form on the website and click the reserve button. From personal data, you only need your name and resume, e-mail address and phone number where employees from R parking can contact you.
  • Also, you should enter from when until when you will need the parking services at the airport parking lot in order to get an idea of ​​how much money you need to allocate for it immediately on the spot. Immediately after that, the company will contact you with clear and precise instructions on how to get to the airport parking lot.
  • In addition to the website, you can reserve a place by calling +381 64 123 75 00 or +381 64 123 99 00 or by sending a message on Viber.
  • In the instructions you receive, you will receive a link with a precise picture of how to get to the R parking lot.

You can reserve parking a few hours before the flight itself. The parking lot is open 24 hours a day. At any moment, there are employees waiting for you at the airport parking lot.

A reservation, in addition to saving time, also ensures that your parking spot is waiting for you, which is very important, especially during busy periods and seasonal travel when we are all impatient and nervous.

The closest airport parking lot to the main terminal of the Nikola Tesla airport

One of the advantages of private parking at Nikola Tesla Airport is its proximity. R parking’s private parking spaces are strategically located near the main terminal , thus reducing travel time and eliminating the need for long drives.

Due to the close proximity to the main terminal, you will not have to leave the house before the usual, planned time, because the R parking lot is located 500 meters from the main terminal, opposite the cargo entrances of the airport.

The choice is yours, whether you will walk to the main entrance or be taken by one of the company’s drivers. When we say transportation to the main gate, we mean your free transfer to the desired point at the airport.

If you decide to walk to the dirty entrance, it will only take you five minutes. Private airport parking provides value-added services, such as baggage assistance, to make travel even easier for travelers with heavy bags. Our driver will transfer the luggage from your car to the company vehicle and take it out at the airport terminal. This not only saves valuable time, but also reduces stress and ensures you feel relieved before traveling by plane.

R parking – Cost-effective option

One of the main questions of travelers is certainly the price of airport parking!

Parking costs at most airports can be high, especially for long-term parking. However, private airport parking – R parking at Nikola Tesla Airport offers economical solutions. Parking prices are lower than those charged by the airport, and discounts are available for long-term parking. It should be noted that parking is charged upon returning from the trip, when you make sure that your car is in the same condition as you left it.

When you arrive and park your car in the parking lot, you will receive a warranty card that you need to fill out and with which you pick up the car. The warranty card at the R parking lot is your guarantee that your car has been collected from you and placed in the airport parking lot. The whole procedure takes only ten minutes.

Just to emphasize that R parking offers its users additional benefits, so the calculation of the number of days spent in the parking lot is done on a calendar basis, according to the starting day, with a tolerance of 2 hours in the evening. This means that if you park your vehicle at 10 p.m., the parking fee will only start the next day. Also, if you drive your car out of the parking lot at 02:00 a.m., you will not be charged for that day either.

Payment is made at R Parking, in dinars, cash or payment cards. Issuance of invoices, cash and fiscal bills is also done at the parking lot. If you travel often, concluding monthly or annual contracts with benefits is possible for both legal entities and individuals. Also, if you work in the airport building or near the airport parking lot, and you need a parking space throughout the year, you get special conditions and discounts.

Airport parking Nikola Tesla vs R Parking

As most of the works within the Nikola Tesla Airport were completed at the end of August, the so-called “Kiss & Fly” zone was opened. This zone is intended for a very short stay for disembarking passengers. This implies a stay of up to five minutes, which is not charged, and after that, each subsequent minute is 100 dinars.

Parking P1, which is the closest to the terminal, costs 400 dinars per hour.

Parking P2, which is located near the pier building, costs 200 dinars for up to 30 minutes, and 300 dinars for up to 60 minutes. Each subsequent hour after the first 60 minutes that you stay costs 300 dinars.

The price of parking in the garage, which is 150 meters from the airport building, costs 200 dinars for up to 30 minutes, and 300 dinars for up to 60 minutes. An individual parking space costs RSD 300 every hour after the first 60 minutes.

The price at the parking lot, which is 300 meters from the airport building and is located opposite the Goods and Customs Warehouse, is 200 dinars per hour, after which a daily one-time parking fee of 1,500 dinars is paid.

Further, behind the airport cargo terminal, on the road to Surčin, there is a “Tesla” parking lot where the first three hours are free, and a daily parking ticket costs 300 dinars. However, this parking lot is quite far from the main terminal and in the height of the season it is almost impossible to find a place.

When it comes to R parking, a one-day ticket is 700 dinars, with the fact that, if you stay for more days, the price is lower. So for three days you need to set aside 1,700 dinars, and for five days 2,500 dinars. If you stay for ten days, the price is 4,500 dinars. For cars that stay longer than 30 days, the price is 200 dinars per day.

Pickup of the vehicle upon return from the airport parking lot

After you land, go through passport and customs control and collect your luggage, you need to contact the airport parking operator via call, SMS or Viber application. It is not a bad option to contact the operator immediately before take-off, if you have accurate information about the landing time of your plane. After that, R parking will contact you and inform you about the location, vehicle and license plate number of the car coming to pick you up.

Passengers are picked up exclusively at the departure terminal of Nikola Tesla Airport – entrance 1, entrance/exit, departures.

It is preferable that only the driver goes to pick up the car in order to avoid possible crowds when picking up the vehicle. If you want your companions to go as well, you should inform the driver beforehand because of the number of available seats in the transport vehicle. Also, if you have a lot of luggage that cannot fit in one car with passengers, two cars can pick you up. It is only important that you mention everything when reporting that you have arrived.

After arriving at the parking lot, the driver will transfer your luggage to your car, you will hand over the warranty card, the calculation will be made and after payment you can leave the parking lot.

Airport parking – R Parking – A consistently good experience

Private airport parking – R Parking provides a safe, practical and cost-effective alternative to traditional parking options. With advanced security measures like video surveillance and the added convenience of easy online booking and transfer services, it’s a great choice for travelers looking for a stress-free experience. Ideal for people who like to plan their time precisely and make the most of it.

Anyone who once tries the option of private airport parking – R Parking, always returns because of its safety and simplicity above all, and because of the speed of execution and worry-free collection of the car upon return. By choosing the right private airport parking, you can focus on enjoying your trip, knowing that your vehicle is in safe hands. So, one item from the list of things to do before the trip is solved just by clicking on the book button.