Practical advice

Travel insurance is protection during travel

Travel insurance is protection for travel abroad and within the country. When we take a closer look at the situation, the insurance provides you with comfort during air travel thanks to the guarantee of covering costs due to flight delays. It also provides you with coverage for the costs of possible loss or damage to your luggage. It is important to note that insurance is not included in the ticket price, unless you have specified it. You can get it at the time of booking or later.

What does travel insurance provide?

Travel insurance primarily provides immediate assistance in case of sudden illness, accident or possible flight delay. If an unforeseen or unfortunate event also occurs during the trip, travel insurance covers the costs of medical transportation. The insurance covers the costs of search and rescue operations in the mountains and at sea, the organization and the costs of continuing the planned trip. There is also the option of extending the validity of the travel insurance, for a maximum of 72 hours in emergency situations.

What medical expenses does travel insurance cover?

Travel insurance covers a wide range of risks in individual, group or family insurance. It is equally important if you are going on a business trip that lasts only a few days or you are traveling to an exotic destination where you will stay for several weeks. It is especially important that elderly fellow citizens, when visiting family members abroad, have a travel insurance policy that covers the costs of treatment and medical assistance. It is important to know that travel insurance includes all medical examinations and dental interventions. The insurance also covers outpatient treatment procedures, consultations and payment of medical reimbursements. It covers hospitalization, i.e. therapy, examinations, procedures and surgical interventions, purchase of medicines and materials for dressing wounds, which is a great help if something unplanned happens during the trip.

What else does the insurance policy cover?

An insurance policy can come in handy for amateur sports activities, including skiing, snowboarding, diving with special equipment. Also, there is help if damage is caused to a third party. If there was a robbery at the ATM, the travel insurance will compensate for the lost funds

Insurance in case of trip cancellation

If you buy a plane ticket a long time in advance at more favorable prices, and you do not know whether you will be able to organize and travel by that date, All Risk insurance is ideal for you. It is comprehensive insurance against all unforeseen situations in case your trip does not materialize. Only with this insurance, if you cancel the trip, 24 hours before the start of the planned trip, you will receive a refund of 90% of the cost of the plane tickets. With ordinary insurance with the attached documentation, the refund is up to 5000 euros. The insurance will cover your expenses in the event of trip cancellation for any documented reason, e.g. illness, exam, loss or starting a new job.

How to use All Risk insurance?

In case of trip cancellation, you get a refund in every documented case. It can be an illness of the insured, people close to them, or a sudden accident. It can also be an aggravation of some chronic diseases such as diabetes, bronchitis, etc. It can also be a complication during pregnancy, the death of some close people or the insured himself. The insurance also accepts that the justification and material damage is caused by an accident from which the insured or co-insured suffers damage. That this is the reason why he has to stay in his place of residence. The cause may also be the loss of the job of the insured or the insured, the employment of the insured or co-insured during the planned trip. Also, students are allowed to change the date of taking the exam. The loss of documents of the insured or co-insured, which has been reported to the authorities, and which are necessary for the realization of the trip (passport, identity card, etc.) is recognized as a reason.

How to buy All Risk insurance?

You can buy All Risk only during the reservation, and standard insurance in case of cancellation later, but no later than 5 days after booking the tickets. In order to do this, you should select All Risk insurance in the booking form. The cost of insurance is automatically added to the cost of the reservation, and you pay it together with the plane tickets and other selected services. It should be emphasized that considering the range of options it provides, All Risk insurance is also more expensive. Its price is 10% of the ticket price. Usually, standard insurance costs about 4% of the ticket price.

How to report a trip cancellation?

A situation that prevents the departure or continuation of the trip must be reported within 3 days of its occurrence by calling the phone number or sending a message to the email address specified in the insurance certificate. In order to speed up the process, you need to state the name of the insured person and the certificate number when canceling.

Who is All Risk insurance ideal for?

All Risk insurance is ideal for people who are afraid of getting sick (e.g. parents who are afraid for their children) right before the trip. Also for people who work or study and are afraid that their obligations will prevent them from traveling. If the person is in a different state, they are afraid that there may be some possible complications in the pregnancy. Then, this insurance is also for people with chronic diseases, which can worsen or appear at any time, such as, for example. Bronchitis. People who want to be protected against unforeseen events (eg loss or theft of documents), or simply want to be sure how they will be reimbursed. This insurance is also a desirable option if passengers buy non-refundable tickets (eg with low-cost airlines: Ryanair, Wizz Air, easyJet etc…).