Practical advice

Airline ticket refund

Low-cost companies

The return of the money for the plane ticket, with which we paid for it, differs with different airlines. At low-budget so-called low-cost companies that sell cheap airline tickets unfortunately cannot refund the money. Of course, there are always some exceptions and situations that provide you with a refund, but they are really specific. In most cases, they refer to unpleasant circumstances, deaths of passengers or persons close to them. Even in those situations, it is necessary to submit a document confirming the death to the airline. If it is a question of the death of a passenger who was supposed to fly, funds for refund can only be used after the probate hearing in favor of the heirs. Low-cost airlines don’t even refund fees and airport taxes, because they usually cost as much as the administrative fees they have to pay.

Ticket refund due to illness

There are situations when low-cost carriers approve a subsequent refund of the plane ticket . This is due to the inability to travel due to illness. Here you should also attach all the necessary medical documentation and each case is considered separately. Only some special and special cases are approved. There are a number of clearly defined rules and conditions for refunding an airline ticket with regular airlines. Even if the airline ticket refund option is not open at all, you can always try to get your money back. At least for airport taxes and fees that you definitely won’t use.

Money for airline tickets for regular flights

If you want to refund money from fees and taxes, you must notify the airline before the scheduled flight that you cannot appear on that flight. You can report the inability to show up and board the flight using the forms available on the airline’s website. You can also contact them by phone and explain the situation. It is possible to return the ticket on the day of its issue with some air carriers. Already the next day after the ticket is issued, the ticket can be returned only in cases provided for in accordance with the conditions of the carrier. There is no passenger generalization for airline ticket refunds, but each request is considered separately and processed individually.

Insurance policy as a form of protection

The option to protect yourself from losing money in such unforeseen situations is to have specific and appropriate insurance policies. Insurances will reimburse you for the costs of your flight cancellation. Insurances must be purchased within five days of ticket issuance. You can have this insurance the day before your trip at the latest. The amount up to which the costs are reimbursed varies, but some upper limit is up to 5000 euros. Each airline has its own, mostly rigorous, rules for refunding airline tickets, and that refund can be different. Depending on what the tariff is, the refund may be full, with a penalty, or it may not be issued.

Refund in case of visa refusal

A business class ticket usually means a full refund if the passenger cancels the flight, while the rules for economy class are somewhat different. It contains a large number of subclasses. Those subclasses, in addition to different labels and tariffs, have different refund conditions. Most airlines will grant you a full refund if the reason is a visa refusal. For this you need to have the appropriate document from the embassy. If the passenger does not show up for the departure flight, he is considered to have abandoned the trip. Then his air ticket becomes invalid from the moment the check-in counter closes. In that case, a refund is not an option. Also, if the passenger has a return air ticket, and decides to go with his own transport, and return by air, this will not be possible, because the air ticket has been cancelled.

Airline ticket refund with AirSerbia

Air Serbia will refund the unused ticket or any unused part thereof in accordance with their applicable rules. The refund will be paid to the person whose name is on the ticket. that person should provide satisfactory proof of payment. If the ticket was paid for by another person, and not the passenger whose name is on the ticket, Air Serbia will pay the refund only to the person who paid for the ticket. There are situations in which the flight is canceled, the flight is not made according to the flight schedule or the plane does not land at the intended place. Then a refund is made if no part of the ticket is used, the amount equal to the fare paid by the passenger. In the event that part of the ticket is used, the refunded amount will not be less than the difference between the fare paid and the valid fare for travel between the points for which the ticket was issued.

Refunds for other reasons

If the passenger wants the ticket refunded for some other reasons, the amount of the refund will be equal to the fare that was paid. The amount will be reduced for handling costs or cancellation costs. This applies if no part of the ticket has been used. If this is not the case, the refund will be equal to the difference between the fare paid and the applicable fare for travel between the points for which the ticket was used. The price will be reduced by the amount of handling costs or costs for canceling the reservation. If you lose your ticket, provide appropriate proof of this and pay the appropriate handling costs. Then the refund will be paid immediately after the validity of the ticket expires. Air Serbia has the right to refuse to pay a refund in cases where the request for the same is submitted more than one year after the expiration of the validity of the ticket.