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Baggage on the plane – prohibited items

Luggage on a plane is always a debatable issue when preparing for a trip. We always ask the question whether our suitcase will exceed the allowed weight and whether we may have brought something that is not allowed. When packing your luggage for the plane, it is important to remember that there is a list of prohibited items. It is not allowed to carry any flammable substances or explosives or possibly explosive devices. Therefore, everything that can cause serious injuries is prohibited. It is also prohibited to wear any devices that may pose a threat to aviation safety. Some airlines do not even allow the transportation of any devices that use lithium batteries, either in carry-on or checked baggage. Each airline has its own list of prohibited items for luggage, which you should definitely check before you start packing for your trip. In this way, you will avoid all the problems that you can cause if you do not adhere to the list of prohibited items.

What is on the list of prohibited items for baggage on the plane?

First of all, passengers are not allowed to bring any projectile-firing devices such as pistols and any firearms. This primarily refers to: Firearms of all types such as pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns. Even toy guns, replicas and imitation firearms that may be thought to be real are also on the list of prohibited items. Components of firearms, excluding telescopic sights. Then, air and CO2 guns, such as bolt guns, rifles and revolvers. Signal guns and starter guns. Also prohibited are bows, arrows and crossbows, harpoons and underwater guns, as well as small slingshots and catapults.

Stun devices

Stun devices that are specially designed to paralyze or possibly render an opponent unconscious are not permitted to be brought onto the plane in hand luggage. These include stun guns, stun guns, tasers and batons. Then devices to stun and kill animals and incapacitating chemicals. Then gases and all kinds of sprays, such as pepper spray, various types of tear gas, acid in spray, etc.

Objects with a sharp point

Objects with a sharp tip are a prohibited item when we put things in the luggage on the plane . These are objects that can be used to cause serious injury. Well, this category of prohibited items includes, first of all, objects that are used for cutting. These are axes, hatchets and pickaxes, but also ice picks. Portom razors, packaging cutters, knives and blades longer than six and scissors with blades longer than six cm. Interestingly, various martial arts equipment with a sharp point, swords and sabers used for sports are also on this list.


Certain tools that can cause injury when used or that can endanger the aviation system itself are prohibited items. Tools include crowbars, drills and drills, including cordless portable drills. Then, tools with a blade or handle longer than six cm, which can be used as a weapon. Saws, including portable cordless saws, soldering irons, nail guns and staple guns. In addition to these items, some blunt objects such as baseball and softball bats are prohibited. Then sticks and various types of batons as well as clubs covered with leather.

Lithium-ion batteries

When we look, the list of prohibited things is quite long. Individual airlines expand these lists at their own discretion, and in accordance with the laws of the countries they come from. Certain electrical devices that use lithium-ion batteries, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone, may only be accepted in hand luggage, provided they are switched off and not being charged during the flight. All of the listed items cannot be packed in hand luggage because you cannot go through security with them, but they are allowed in carry-on luggage. You can pack this in large, portable luggage if all international standards, regulations and appropriate airline procedures are followed.

Luggage is strictly prohibited on the plane

There is also a list of things that are categorically prohibited to be brought into any baggage on the plane. This list is valid in all companies and air carriers, with the fact that some carriers have additionally expanded it. Therefore, you cannot pack any kind of explosives, inflammable substances or devices that could pose a threat to the aviation industry or cause serious injuries in the plane, or in hand and carry-on luggage on the plane. This mainly refers to ammunition, explosive capsules, detonators and fuses. This category also includes replicas or imitations of explosive devices, mines, grenades and other explosive military devices. Then there are fireworks, any form of pyrotechnics, smoke boxes and cartridges, dynamite, gunpowder and plastic explosives.

Some airlines do not allow larger batteries that contain lithium to be carried in either of the two types of luggage on the plane. This primarily refers to batteries that are used to power devices for personal transportation – such as hoverboards, electric scooters, electric bicycles or logidz scooters. For a peaceful and safe trip, if in doubt, always check the list of prohibited items. You can easily find it, it is very prominently displayed on all the car transporter websites that are in circulation.