Closest to the Nikola Tesla airport terminal

R Parking

R Parking Belgrade

The company R Parking doo was founded in 2022. year and is engaged in car maintenance services at the Nikola Tesla airport. The closest parking lot to the airport, just 2 minutes by car or 500 meters on foot from the terminal. The parking lot is fenced, closed, well lit and covered by video surveillance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The surface of the parking lot is 6,000 square meters and it can accommodate 250 cars. You can request a photo of your car in real time at any time.

A safe place for your car

The service is designed to save the time and money of passengers who went to Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla Airport by car. The entire booking process is completed in just a few minutes. Reserve your place by filling out a short online form, calling +381 64 123 7500 or sending a message on viber, e-mail or sms. After that, your journey can begin in the most comfortable way. You have peace of mind because your vehicle is safe and secure with us.

R Parking

The closest parking lot to the Nikola Tesla airport terminal

Due to the great proximity to the main terminal of the Nikola Tesla Airport, you will not have to leave the house before the usual, planned time, because we are located only 2 minutes by car or 500 meters on foot from the terminal. We are the closest parking lot to the airport. You will decide on the spot if you want us to drive you or if you will walk to the entrance of the main building.

Regardless of whether you are staying for a day or several days, book your parking space. Transportation to the airport, as well as the return to the parking lot, is free. Make the most of the convenience of being close to the parking lot and travel relaxed and relaxed. Also, if you have reserved a place in the parking lot, and the trip is postponed or canceled for some reason, it is enough just to cancel the reservation without any consequences.