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Lost luggage at the airport – what to do?

You’ve landed, you’re thinking about the parking lot and where you left your car when you realize that your bag isn’t on the baggage claim line. Lost baggage at the airport – what to do in such situations? You have to react quickly and without panic. Speak calmly and calmly to the employees at the airport because they will search for your belongings together with you.

Before reporting the loss of luggage at the airport, make sure that it was not accidentally unloaded at another lane. If not, you should go to a specially marked counter called ”Lost luggage”, ”Lost and found” or ”Lost baggage”. You should have your plane ticket with you, which has a unique sticker for your luggage. It happens that when loading and unloading luggage, a unique sticker falls off, after which the worker who unloads the luggage can put your things on any lane. Therefore, you should check that the suitcase has not gone astray by any chance.

If this is not the case, you should contact the airline. In 94% of cases, the luggage is returned to the owner, so it is important to ask about your rights and obligations in time. So, losing luggage at the airport is not an insoluble problem. This is the moment when you should inform the employees at the parking lot where your car is, that you are prevented from coming to pick up the car at the agreed time, and that you will be late.

Who is responsible for lost luggage?

From the moment you board the plane and carry your luggage, the airline is responsible for you and your belongings. In many cases, the airline has its representative office within the airport where you are. Although the company did not cause this damage, it is responsible for the baggage. Its officers are obliged to find him as soon as possible.
When you arrive at the counter of the airline you traveled with, you must fill out the Property Irregularity Report. This document will significantly speed up the search for lost luggage, and it will also mean that you will be compensated for damages, in case the airline does not find it.
You need to describe in detail the external characteristics of the suitcase or bag, which include color, shape, size, brand and other details that you can remember at that moment. For a successful find, it is ideal that your plane ticket and the sticker on your suitcase are undamaged. Otherwise, it will significantly slow down the baggage search process.