Video surveillance – vehicle safety at any time

If you are traveling abroad, on vacation or for work, the first thing you think about is where you will leave your vehicle while you are on the road. Although sometimes you don’t have enough time to think about all aspects, one stands out in particular – video surveillance. This is one of the most important points that you must pay attention to when parking your car in a parking lot near the airport.

R parking has state-of-the-art cameras

R parking is equipped with state-of-the-art video surveillance, which additionally ensures the safety of your vehicle that you are leaving for safekeeping. The parking lot is monitored non-stop by cameras, and it is always known whether something is happening with the vehicle. Also, R parking has a porter who personally makes sure that everything is in perfect order with your car. The porter physically goes around the cars located in the R parking lot.
Video surveillance has another advantage. Wherever you are, you can request a photo of your vehicle at any time. You just need to send us a message that you want a photo of your car in real time. The photo arrives on your phone in a few minutes. This gives you extra assurance that the car is safe and secure with us. Cameras record every corner of our parking lot, and all situations that can happen, thanks to the recording, can be prevented in time. In addition to video surveillance, the insurance of your vehicle certainly provides you with additional security. it’s another key item that every car has today. When you look at everything as a set, with us you are always maximally protected.
You only need to reserve your spot in our uncovered parking lot. You can do this by booking a parking space online or by phone. When you do this, you will start your journey calmer and more relaxed. Your vehicle is safe and you have one less thing to worry about. As business flights themselves can be stressful, video surveillance gives you much-needed security and peace of mind. Upon your return, your four-wheeler will surely be waiting for you in the place where you left it.