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Where to park your car when flying from Belgrade

Nowadays, a car is a typical human need, not a luxury. With today’s pace of life, many of us cannot imagine everyday life and functioning without a car. However, sometimes the car appears as a problem when driving around the city, from place to place or when traveling. More precisely, the famous question always arises: Where to park?
If you are traveling from Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, these are definitely some guidelines that will make this issue easier for you.
A large number of passengers depart from the Belgrade airport every day. Everyone who flies often knows that for regular and low-cost flights, Belgrade has become the best starting point from Serbia as well as from the wider region. Several airlines operate from the airport, among others: Ryanair, Swiss Turkish airlines, Air France and, of course, Air Serbia. All airlines together offer dozens of destinations.
If you are planning to travel soon by plane from Belgrade airport, here are practical tips that can help you when it comes to parking near the terminal.

The closest parking lot to the passenger terminal of the airport

R parking is located opposite the Belgrade airport terminal and the price of parking for one day is 700 dinars. The parking lot is secured and under constant video surveillance, and the price list predicts lower prices if you stay for more days.
See the price list here
The process of arriving at the parking lot and leaving the car is very short and everything can be completed in ten minutes. You can reserve your place before your arrival so that the parking lot is not full. This is a special recommendation in the summer period when, due to the holiday season, parking is in high demand. Also, you can inquire about a place to park your car by calling the phone number, if you are not able to book a place through the application. When you are in the parking lot and have left your car, you can choose whether to walk to the terminal across the street or to be taken by organized transportation to the entrance to the Nikola Tesla airport building.