Practical advice

Private airport parking – save money and time

Private airport parking is one of the first items on the list of expenses when planning a trip. If you decide to fly by plane, and you want to get to Nikola Tesla Airport by car, you must first find out where and how to park your car safely. And to be favorable for your budget. What is crucial when it comes to car parking is first of all the proximity of the parking lot itself. The time you spend away from the car at the terminal itself should be minimal. That way, you wouldn’t have to leave for the airport even earlier than the scheduled two hours. The problem that many travelers face is the crowded public garage of Nikola Tesla Airport. And then you are already in a problem, where and how to safely leave your car? In recent years, the solution has certainly been private airport parking , where you know in advance that a place is waiting for you.

Private parking saves money

In order not to be late for check-in at the airport because there is no space in the public garage of the Nikola Tesla airport, you can secure yourself in advance and reserve your spot in the nearest private airport parking lot. In terms of price, this move is more worthwhile, because 700 dinars is the price of parking per day. The price is even lower and more favorable if you leave your car in the parking lot for several days, and in this way you can seriously save on this item. In doing so, you will certainly save yourself additional discomfort and stress because you will not end up in a situation where there is no room. Therefore, it is necessary to reserve your place in the private parking lot before your trip. All that is necessary is to fill in the form online and your work is done in a minute.

Proximity is a very important factor

When choosing a private parking lot , the best option is to choose the first parking lot located opposite the cargo entrance to the airport. After leaving the car and collecting the warranty card on the spot, you will decide whether you want to be transported by the employees of this parking lot or if you would prefer to walk. It largely depends on your mood and the size of your luggage. Nearby parking saves you time and guarantees that you will surely arrive at the terminal in a few minutes. We all know that one of the biggest problems at the airport is traffic jams. Every day, we witness major delays, collapses, waiting in queues and extremely slow movement in general in traffic. Due to such unfavorable situations, you may be late for your desired flight. In most cases, the price of the ticket, which you have already paid, will not be refunded, or you will have to wait a very long time for that refund. It is also a very unpleasant situation for you and a lot of stress. Again, you will have to budget for the cost of the plane ticket. The big question is whether you will be able to book a ticket for that or a similar date.

Safety of the car in the private parking lot

Privately managed airport parking must be well secured and allow you to get a picture of your four-wheeler at any moment. Therefore, be sure to park your vehicle in a safe and secure parking lot. That parking lot must have good camera coverage. This means that the digital security of your vehicle is guaranteed. On the other hand, this parking lot is surrounded by a solid and metal fence and only owners of parked vehicles and employees have access. In order to ensure maximum security, a 24-hour security guard is present at the parking lot at all times. Also, the call center employees are available to answer any questions you may have.