A child on a plane: How to prepare him for the flight?

A child on a plane and the entire flight is a real challenge for every parent. How successfully it will be implemented depends primarily on the age of the child. Therefore, if you are planning to take your child on the plane, it is necessary to prepare him well beforehand for the entire procedure, from arrival at the airport, check-in to control, boarding and the flight itself.

Airplane flight step by step

If the child is not very young, before you go on a plane trip, you should explain and show him that in addition to cars, there are other means of transportation: buses, trams, trolleybuses, trains. Possibly drive him in one of them. This is very important in order for the child to get used to being surrounded by unknown people. You can organize a family trip to the airport. Leave the car in an airport parking lot and walk to the main terminal so that the child gets a first impression of the airport itself. Maybe someone sees the plane taking off, which will be an additional experience. Explain to him, step by step, what you will do when you come to actually take off, from the moment of entry to the moment of takeoff itself. Then what does the pilot look like, what does the flight attendant look like, what is their role during the flight, etc. Try to get him as much interested in the flight as possible

Occupations during the summer

A child on an airplane should not be bored during the flight itself. It wouldn’t hurt to bring a couple of his favorite toys or books that could keep him entertained while waiting at the airport or during the flight. However, the best option is for you to join in the game with them, because it is known that children like to play with their parents the most. It’s not a bad option to choose to fly at night either. That way, the child could sleep through the entire flight. Prepare to travel as much as you can. Flying can be a phenomenal experience for your child. Be sure to bring your child’s favorite snacks. In the offer of the airline before the trip, see what options are available for children during the flight. It is not a bad idea to bring a drawing pad and crayons, possibly a nice coloring book. You can suggest that the child draw the plane you are flying or the interior of the plane. This way you will get a picture of how the child experienced the flight and whether he feels comfortable.

Popular games during the plane flight

In addition to toys and drawing, children can get bored relatively quickly on a plane. In order not to get nervous, it is not a bad idea to have a few ideas prepared for so-called “thinking games” that will further interest them. The most popular of this set is certainly the game “Paper-Rock-Scissors”, which you can play together. Then there are verse puzzles or brain teasers that you should prepare before the trip. The word game is always interesting for children of all ages, or the so-called “caladont” where the last two letters serve as the first two of a new word. Imagining shapes is also popular, i.e. what the clouds through which or above which you fly remind children. It further stimulates their imagination and interests them while flying.