Practical advice

Stroller and car seat for children on the plane

Umbrella stroller on the plane

What do we do with the stroller and the car seat on the plane? This question will be asked by every parent of a child under the age of two when planning a plane trip to a certain destination. Depending on the airline, the rules for strollers and car seats for children are precisely defined. The general rule that applies to 90 percent of airlines is that there is no charge for bringing in a collapsible stroller. This refers to the so-called foldable or umbrella stroller. They are usually placed in the trunk of the plane. You lead them to the stairs that take you up to the plane. There, one of the staff will take them from you and place them in the trunk, and then return them to you immediately after landing.

Travel on a separate seat or wing

When traveling by plane with a child under the age of two there are two options when it comes to their seat. The child can sit in his own, separate seat, or he can sit on the parent’s lap. Usually, a child can sit in a separate seat, securely fastened with a seat belt, only from the age of 6 months. In airplane cabins, there are special seat belts for children that should be fastened when the seat belt light comes on. If the child sits on the parent’s lap, then 10 to 30 percent of the adult ticket price is charged. In some cases, the price for children is fixed and depends on the length of the flight, and sometimes children can  travel for free.

A car seat in an airplane

As a stroller and car seat for children is possible, even recommended to bring on the plane. This seat is especially important because of the series of safety belts it has, which will additionally secure the child. You just need to check before bringing the car seat whether the seat is suitable for use in the plane. If the car seat cannot fit neatly into the airplane seat, you can carry it in your checked baggage. Car seats on airplanes are usually only allowed for children under the age of 3.

Luggage for children

No luggage is allowed for children under the age of two, with the fact that a baby carrier can be carried as hand luggage. Older children, up to 12 years of age, have the same allowed luggage as adults, with the fact that its dimensions, especially when it comes to hand luggage, are significantly smaller. For children up to 12 years of age, tickets are also cheaper than for adults, by an average of 25 to 30 percent of the actual price.

Baby food and boarding

Parents are always allowed to bring food for a baby under the age of two on the plane. Most planes have microwave ovens, so you can ask the flight attendant at any time to heat up porridge or food for your child. When going through boarding control, controllers may ask parents to try baby food. It is part of the control procedure and check at the airport. Also, small children with their parents always have priority when boarding the plane, so that the crew will help them settle into their seats.